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Why I just can't get behind Social justice on the net.

If you have anything misogynist or crude to say about women-kind, please don’t come here. I have no desire to bring hate to this thread.

If you have any misandrist sentiment about man-kind please don’t come here. I have no desire to bring hate to this thread.


Look, here is the thing.

I may be a man, but I am a feminist, I am all about women’s rights, advancement in society and promoting their right to getting the respect they deserve.


I don’t tolerate slut-shaming, period blaming, neckbeards and their snyde misogynist comments.

So, I thought I’d go on twitter and tell these girls that I’m on their side in my own way.


I didn’t know how to deal with transgenders, so I said the word “tranny” and a transgender woman got offended. So, I ask em: “I’d like to give you the respect you deserve, so how should I address you?” She just told me: “transgender male or transgender female is okay.” GREAT. Okay, we are getting somewhere.

Then things went downhill.

It began when I followed Brianna and Anita on Twitter.

A young lady had some not so savory things to say about men as a whole.

I told her : “Not all men are alike.”

She replied: “Did you just : Not all men are the same.” Me?

I found myself unleashing a slew of words to placate her and explain myself, I wasn’t out to make enemies, I just wanted to let this girl know I was on her side.


Some other person made fun of my large amount of tweets, she replied: “It’s okay, I blocked him.” With a smile that went borderline on smug.

I just felt a combination of hurt and offended, and suddenly all of those nasty things that those anti-SJW misogyny mongers on the net rang. But, I put it out of my head. Because, while I did not appreciate how that smug young lady treated me, I’m not that kind of guy.


I had followed Anita Sarkesean after watching her feminist frequency video. She had some fair points, what with the damsel in distress trope, and the way women are dressed in games. Although, the context of the games she chose left a LOT to be desired.

I ended up following her and Brianna Wu.

Wu did some nasty finger pointing to a Scandinavian company that was primarily white men for their lack of diversity.


I saw that and said: “Okay look, big NO.” “You can’t just ignore international diplomacy and demand that this other country do as you do.”

She blocked me after that.

No retort, no response, no argument for her opinion, nothing, just a block.

I won’t regale you with the other young women and men and people on twitter I’ve dealt with, but the example has a trend and has become rather bothersome.


The final straw was Anita Sarkesean, whom I just lost what little respect I had left for her with this one.

After her little E3 shaming of the Rise Kujikawa badge featuring this picture on the attendee badge:

Illustration for article titled Why I just cant get behind Social justice on the net.

I wouldn’t have bothered if I didn’t see so many people saying things like: “No sane woman except those that are being paid would wear this.”


“She is 16 years old there is no reason she should wear this!”

“Her panties are showing.”

My face was something like this:


So, I gave a few tweets on how this was effectively slut-shaming, women do wear clothes like this, sometimes for fun, sometimes to clubs. Not everybody agrees with your dress code, nor should they and of course Anita blocked me. Somehow, I felt a bit of pride on that one.

I’ve come to realize that I just can’t get behind social justice. I won’t be so arrogant to claim to know their minds, but there is no middle-ground with them.


Sometimes they have some legit messages that I can get behind, at other times they have some mediocre fallacious points that I just can’t help but question. And they brand me the same way as the trolls who say some nasty misogynist crap, a block button. Sometimes it’s some rude commentary, THEN a block button, RARELY is it education of social issues followed by a mind hand shake and some understanding.

I cannot help but wonder what would happen if I was a woman who had dared to disagree with them. But, I don’t really care at this point. I’ll just keep my moderate view of how social justice should be done in real life.


If I have an acquaintance who will make black jokes at me after I politely ask them to stop, or say some nasty things about women or creep, then I just won’t hang with them.

I care, but I don’t care enough to abandon my mind and self-respect to placate the views of SJ.

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